Sultan Sa
I’ve been to a couple of Afghan Kabob restaurants but this one was truly really great and tasty. The food was delicious and the customer service was the best. I highly recommend trying out Fairfax Kabob!
Lauren C.
Mashallah, I found the tastiest lamb and juiciest chicken. This place had me at the parking lot. I could smell i by the time i was literally pulling into the parking space. This tiny little family spot packs a BANG. and a good one too! Their sides are a must, of course there's sheesh and other generic spots but this place, you could tell is a homey spot because of the food:)
Tiffany Wilburn
Very friendly staff and the food never disappoints. Good people and wonderful food- what more could you ask for.
Rami AlGhazzi
Fantastic food and great service. Make sure to try the cow legs, and the lamb and chicken kabab is a masterpiece! Super friendly reception and rest assure the owner will come and talked to you. Very good experience and definitely recommend it. I couldn't take much photos because we were very hungry and the food was delicious 😋 so we didn't realize until we're done :)
Scotty K.
My first trip to Fairfax Kabob. I'm a huge fan of kabobs, kebabs how ever you spell it. I'm partial to Afghan or Persian style kabobs the most. Fairfax Kabob's Afghan style cuisine doesn't disappoint! My gf and I started with the Mantu and had the ground beef, chicken and lamb kabobs. The Mantu was so good we actually had two orders! The Afghan bread was hot and fresh. Their menu is not complicated and checks all the boxes for the standard Afghan fare. Service is friendly and the layout of the restaurant is quick and easy. I truly love Afghan cuisine and the intricate flavors that it entails. Good fresh food at a fair price. I wish it were closer to where I live but it's ok. I visit that shopping center often. I will be sure to visit Fairfax Kabob again...
Amir K
Amazing food and the entire staff was so friendly and kind. Everything was 10/10. A very nice experience for my family and I. I highly recommend this place, I will be back for sure and I’ll make sure to tell my friends and family about coming here to eat.
Rimoun “Rimoy” Youssef
Some of the juiciest and tastiest kabobs in the area! Went for the first time last week, and was amazed at how friendly the staff was and more importantly how amazing the food was! We got the chicken and lamb combo and the lamb and beef. All the meat was cooked perfectly! Side dishes were also delicious, we got the okra and chickpeas . Highly recommend if you want some amazing kabobs